Covid-19: Current and verified news coverage by dpa international

The coronavirus keeps the whole world in its grip. The world economy is plummeting, many countries close their borders and put hard restrictions on social and business life.

Current and verified updates are most valuable in times of crisis!

dpa, the German Press Agency, provides media organisations all over the world with a reliable news coverage 24/7. We offer you free usage of our international news and photos for two weeks to help you meet your users' and readers' needs for unbiased news about Covid-19! No strings attached. 

MockUp with interactive graphics

Interactive explanatory and data graphics

Interactive graphics from dpa explain coronavirus-related topics in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The graphics are continuously updated with the latest numbers.

  •  Spread of the Coronavirus in selected countries
  •  Still more confirmed Coronavirus cases outside China
  •  How does the coronavirus test work?
  •  Contacts with a higher risk of infection
  •  Coronavirus vs seasonal flu
  •  Corona crisis: What to do?

All graphics are available immediately and can be integrated easily into your articles or websites via an embed code. The codes are available in the dpa-shop.

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dpa international - Texts and photos

dpa's reporters and correspondents are still out there covering from all over the world how states and individuals cope with this crisis, what everyone can do to flatten the curve ...

Our international news service includes text and photos and is delivered via our platform.