dpa newsroom

Facts and figures

The figures stated here refer to the year 2019 and are shown in the dpa annual report. Employee data figures are average values; financial figures are given in Euro.

Foundation 1949
Shareholders 177
Turnover 92,9 mil
Yearly surplus after tax 1,3 mil
Coverage of daily papers' circulation 100%
Employees dpa Group 1,248
Employees dpa GmbH 673
Journalistic members of staff worldwide approx. 1,000
Offices worldwide 95
Offices in Germany 54
German regional services 12
Stories on dpa`s main wire and 12 regional wires per day  approx. 1,100
Photos in current daily services approx. 950
Photos in dpa picture databases 21 mil
Photos in picture alliance database 85 mil
International services 6
Subsidiaries 10
Shareholdings 12